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Touch and Learn-Einstylo-Arabic-Flash Cards&Speaking Pen

  • $ 25.00

Interactive flash cards.
Teaching reading and spelling in fun manner.
Learn pronunciation of letters and their forms.
Linking letters with words.
Educational fun toy

The advantages of Stylo Reader is that it is an interactive educational system for children.

With Stylo Reader Pen, learning becomes very fun.
The child teaches the correct reading of the words of God Almighty with explaining the words. It also enables the child to choose one of seven readers of the Qur’an.
With Stylo Reader Pen, children as well as adults can learn easily with many books in different fields: Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science, General Culture, Islamic Books, Computer, Child's World: My Home and My Home School - People - Vegetables And fruits - nature and time - street and foods - animals.
Stylo Reader Pen teaches the child the correct pronunciation of English and Arabic words.
The Modern Teaching Pen system enhances the curricula of the kindergarten stage because it is intended for children from the age of three to seven.
Stylo Reader is your child's best friend. It can be used anytime, anywhere: at home, at school ... in the garden because it runs on rechargeable lithium batteries that can run for a long time.
Stylo Reader Pen is equipped with 18 educational stickers that a child can stick to on the wall of his room.
Stylo Reader pen with audio system. Its volume can be controlled through the icons printed on each book or through the job card.
With Stylo Reader Pen, a child can record his voice and compare it with the pronunciation in the book.
The Stylo Reader Pen is provided with a headphone plug so that the child does not disturb others while learning.
Stylo Reader Pen can also act as a MP3 player. So you can store as many songs as you like in the pen's memory.
Your child can go to bed while his friend (Stylo Reader Pen) tells stories because she is