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Einstylo Collection of Educational Books for Children

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Educational Books - Set of Books for Children (3-5 Years) Speaking PEN-Touch and Learn - Einstylo.

One of the distinctive books, it consists of an Arabic language book, and in this book your child can learn the letters individually and read them and also know the shape of each letter and through the wonderful speaking pen, your child can recognize the sounds and the correct way of pronouncing them.

In the article come the English language book and this book, through which the child can correctly spell English letters, recognize and write them, and this also comes with the help of the wonderful and distinctive speaking pen.

The talking pen makes the learning process fun, easy and simple, as it is an easy pen for children and parents to use, what distinguishes us is the joy of learning.

  • The Arabic book is my language, this distinguished book that teaches children to read, write and pronounce letters and words
  • The English language book that teaches the child the English letters and words and how to write and pronounce them
  • My Arabic and English book comes with a special speaking pen
  • The two books with the talking pen help the child to understand the content of the books, as it is easy for children and parents to use.
  • What distinguishes us is to make education an enjoyable and easy process, and to communicate information to the child in a fun and interesting way.

    We are very sorry, the speaking pen is not available anymore!

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