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Einstylo Children Educational Books and the Reader Pen

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By using Einstylo Reader Pen, learning becomes very interesting.

It teaches the child the correct reading of the words of Allah (the All Mighty) along with explaining the words.

It also enables the child to choose one of seven Quran reciters.

By using Einstylo Reader Pen, children as well as fully grown people can learn very easily through many books in different fields :

Arabic language, English language, Math, science, General Culture, Islamic books, Computer, The child's world:

  • My home and my school-people – vegetables and fruits –Nature and time –Street and foods –Animals.
  • Einstylo Reader Pen teaches the child the correct pronunciation of The English and Arabic words.
  • The system of the teaching talking pen reinforces the syllabuses of kindergarten stage, since it is directed to children from three to seven years old.
  • Einstylo Reader Pen is your child's best friend.

He can use it any time, anywhere:

  • AT home, at school ……in the park because it runs on the rechargeable lithium batteries which can run for a long time.
  • Einstylo Reader Pen is supplied with 18 teaching posters which the child can stick on his room's wall.
  • Einstylo Reader Pen is provided with an Audio system.
  • its sound volume can be controlled by the icons that are printed on every book or through the functional card.
  • By using Einstylo Reader Pen, the child can register his sound and compare it with the pronunciation in the book.
  • Einstylo Reader Pen is supplied with a plug for the headphone so that the child doesn't disturb others during learning.
  • Einstylo Reader Pen can also work as a song operator (MP3).
  • so you can store as many songs as you wish in the Pen's memory.
  • Your child can go to bed while he is free.


  • Reading with the child helps in strengthening the bonding between the child and his parents. Benefits of reading for children to improve the skill of reading: Brain exercise, improve focus, improve vocabulary and language skills, developing the child's imagination, developing empathy, Improving academic performance.
  • Amazing books - A collection of educational book set for children from (3-11) years old - a book and a talking pen. This distinctive collection presented by the latest educational methods and the best way to accommodate the child at this age. This distinctive books collection includes 9 different books presented in a simple way for children with pictures and information.
  • Interactive books for Kids: Touch and Learn - Talking Pen with Addition educational books develops children Cognitive skills.
  • Easy to Understand for Kids: Touch and Learn - Talking Pen add great educational books and includes an easy and simple explanation.
  • Spending time with the child is the most influential thing on his development, and also contributes to building trust between them, and a sense of the closeness of parents to them, and giving love and encouragement to the child enhances the positive growth and development of the child.

    We are very sorry, the reader pen is not available anymore!

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