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Cinderella story –The Girl of the Ash (7-11 years)

Cinderella story –The Girl of the Ash (7-11 years)

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ISBN (barcode):
Publisher: Einstylo
Author: Einstylo Team
Binding: Paperback

1 It is a story which teaches the child the correct reading of the Arabic sentences using the story style .So the child reads and compares what he reads with pronunciation of the talking pen .In this way ,he learns the correct pronunciation .So ,it is learning and recreation at the same time.
2 What condition did the step mother put on " Cinderella" to attend the party ?Who bought " Cinderella" clothes and hired a cart for her? What did " Cinderella" lose when she left the party very quickly ? We know all about this in this exciting story.

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