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Digital Qur'an and Pen -Touch and Learn (8" X10") Leather cover

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Product Features:

  • Reasons of Revelation by Imaam As-Suyouti
  • Verse Related Hadith & Memorization
  • Record & Evaluate your recitation
  • Practice Tajweed Rules, Quran Vocabulary & Qira'aat (dialects)
  • Verse by Verse Arabic Tafseer (Juz Amma Only)
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  • Touch, Listen, and Learn the Qur'an! It's that Simple! This amazing product is a Mushaf (Qur'an copy) and Digital Pen that recites and teaches the Qur'an.
  • It is "one touch" to recitation, memorization, translation, tajweed rules, tajweed symbols, recording & evaluating your recitation, different qira'at (dialects), Qur'anic vocabulary, reasons of revelation, verse related hadith, tafseer Juz amma, and more.

Features include:

  • Reasons of revelations by Imaam asf Suyouti. Hadith related to the verse when applicable.
  • A verse is recited 3 times for memorization. Record your recitation of the verse and compare it with that of your favorite Qari. Practice one tajweed rule in each page of the Mus'haf. 
  • Tajweed rules explained in Arabic. Meaning of Qur'an vocabulary.
  • Listen to different qira'at when applicable. (Warshi, Qaloon, Shu'bah, Adduuree & Assuussee) Grammar rules applicable to each word in the verse (Juz Amma only) Verse by verse tafseer of Sheikh Mohammad Rabit Annabulsi (Juz Amma only), in Arabic. Verse by verse translation (English, Malay, French and German) Download and listen to a translation of your choice (Urdu, Turkish, more). Tajweed rules easily identified through color coded Qur'an text. 
  • Tajweed symbols explained. Sudais or Shuraim Qur'anic recitation. Download and listen to additional Qaris of your choice (Meshary Rashid Afasy, Abdul Basit, al Hussary, and more).

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