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Einstylo Arabic Flash Cards Collection and Reader Pen

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Einstylo provides interactive cards (letters and speaking words); a group of interactive cards, this distinctive group of interactive cards that help children develop their minds, and teach them Arabic letters in an easy and simple manner commensurate with their age.

This distinctive set of interactive cards includes the latest educational methods, which is the talking pen; this distinctive pen that greatly contributes to the development of the educational process, the interactive group includes Arabic letter cards, pictures and words, helping the group to:

  • Learn to pronounce letters and recognize their shapes.
  • Connect letters with words.
  • Simple and spoken words.

This distinct set of Einstylo is distinctive for children and develops their cognitive and cognitive skills; the interactive set of cards is considered a wonderful and distinctive start for teaching children Arabic letters.


  • Einstylo-Arabic- interactive cards teaching children the Arabic letters, their pronunciation and forms.

  • Einstylo-Arabic- interactive cards Kids learn to connect letters with words.

  • Einstylo-Arabic- interactive cards teach Children some simple and easy words.

  • Einstylo-Arabic- interactive cards it develops the child's cognitive skills.

  • The speaking pen is an effective scientific and educational tool, helping the child to develop him, and the talking pen is easy to use for children and parents.

    We are very sorry; the reader pen is not available anymore!